The Internal Design Review was a success!


The Internal Design Review on Monday October 28, 2013 was a wild success, while over chocolate chip pancakes and apples juice each group discussed the research they had been doing over the past two months.

The supply group discussed their ideas of using roofs and funnels for rainwater catchment, damming, and water wells as collect water on a regular basis for the villages.The storage group’s research resulted in the possibilities of being able to store collected and filtrated water in earthen pots, plastic containers, sintex tanks, and the Wello waterwheel.  The purification team went over the research they did for several different types of filtration including SODIS, chemical filtration, ceramic filtering, and biosand filtering.  The information shared by the culture team included the climate of Gujarat, the socioeconomic statistics of the villages, and cultural traditions we should be aware of when designing our systems and when we travel to the villages in May.  The presentation also informed us about the aganwadis we will be collecting water for and the ways that the government is involved with getting clean water to the people of India.

This internal design review we a great success and allowed for everyone in the group to see how each subteam is using their time to research the many different options out there for collecting, purifying, and storing water.  Now it is time to move forward and build onto this foundation.  Our next steps are getting all of our questions answered about Katol and Kalol and to narrow down our research so that we can begin to create a plan for what our filtration system. Our next design review will be the External Design Review with the entire BLUElab team, taking place on November 11, 2013.

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