Fall Semester Wrap-Up

As we enter into the next phase of our work in preparing for traveling to India in May, we have restructured our sub teams so as to most effectively research, design, and build two different types of filters for the people of Katol and Kalol. Our leadership team has met several times over the past couple weeks to discuss our options in how to approach the challenge of designing these filters. It has been decided that there will be the creation of two big design teams. One team will focus on ceramic filters, which will be used in household settings, and the other team will create a biosand filter, which will be placed in the anganwadi we will be working with during our trip in May. Each sub team leader to keep track of design progress and each group will also have a member from the culture team so as to make sure our designs work with well with local customs and daily life. 

At our final meeting for the semester, which took place on December 9, we created a list of what success means to us in this project. We also created a list of goals we wish to complete at different points throughout next semester, including by the end of break, our next internal design review, and by the time we step onto the plane to India.  Our team is working hard to stay on track with designing the filters, communicating with our contacts in the SETCO foundation and locals in Katol and Kalol, and getting done all that needs to be completed for us to successfully travel to India and implement our filters.  As our fall semester comes to end, we are very happy with the progress we have made over the past four months, but we realize that there is a lot more to be done. We are so excited to see what the New Year brings for BLUElab India!

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