Beginning to Design

As the new year and another semester begin, we have begun to design our first physical filters. The ceramics team had their first meeting with the Ceramic Studio in the Art & Design building here on campus on January 17 and are planning on continuing to work there as we begin to learn how to construct a working ceramics filter.

Our first meeting consisted of creating a mold, using a flower pot, some clay, and a lot of plaster, that will be used in the future as the outline for the shape for our filters. Image

In this picture Mitch is using his hand to help cushion the flow of the plaster as Jon pours it from the bucket onto their flower pot mold so that it does not splatter or disturb the already forming plaster.

Our next meeting will involve using the mold  to begin testing  different mixtures of clay, sawdust, and water to create a porous and effective filter, and we are very excited to get started.

The biosand team is also getting ready to start building a prototype. We are finishing up Basic 1 and Basic 2 training, which will give us access to the Wilson Center. The Wilson Center is a student team project center that will have all of the resources we need to create and test the filters.

If you wish to see the rest of the photos taken during our first visit to the Ceramics Studio please visit our photo gallery.

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