Day 3: Setco and the Anganwadis

Hello from Baroda,

We finally made it to Baroda today and settled into the apartment that we will be staying in for the next few weeks. It is very nice and we appreciate everything Setco has setup for us. After settling in we had about an hours drive to the factory where we had a quick meeting before our tour. We finally met Priyank! His english is good and he is knowledgeable in the area, he was a big help with answering our questions and we hope to play cricket with him and his friends soon.

The factory was typical of a manufacturing plant in the United States but because it was Tuesday the plant was not receiving any power from the municipality. This is because the municipality designates a specific day where the power is turned off for certain areas. We are still uncertain of the exact reason. However the plant was not without power and people were still working on smaller machines that were run by the factories generators.

After our tour we finally got to visit the main anganwadi! It was a large building made of redbrick and concrete floors. We met some of the ladies who worked there and we toured the building. In the main anganwadi there are about 6 classrooms and a few smaller rooms designated for sewing or storage. Because of the holiday there were no children there but when we visit tomorrow things should return to normal. There are about 6 other smaller one room anganwandis we will be working at as well.

After the anganwadi visit we had lunch at the Setco factory and toured the garden that provides some of the food for the lunch that is made for the workers every day. We then had a meeting with some employees of Setco to discuss our project and then we had our own pow wow to review and plan for tomorrow. 

We then drove back to Baroda and got ready for dinner. We decided we would wear our more traditional Indian clothes that we bought yesterday so we got all dressed up and had a nice dinner with Selma, an employee of the foundation.

We had a long but awesome day and we can’t wait to visit the angwandis again.


P.S. blogging is hard.



One thought on “Day 3: Setco and the Anganwadis”

  1. The lack of power on certain days or for certain hours a day is called “load-shedding”. It is used to literally shed some of the load on the creaky power grid in most parts of India. I think only the city of Mumbai is completely immune to it.


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