Day 27: Until Next Time

I (Mitchell) am a bit behind on the blog post because of all the travel we have been doing. We started packing up our things to move out of the apartment and then we started traveling to Mumbai and next thing you know we are behind on the blog (again).

Anyway, our last day started out as usually with a nice breakfast at home and then running out the door at 8 to get to the factory. Once we got there we did some office work and talked about our plans for our last visit to Dolatpura. We started the day off shorthanded. Mike stayed back because he was feeling ill and Viral was also absent because he had other work to do for the foundation. I was very upset to hear Viral was not going to be with us on our last day! However, we got to see him later and we still managed to say goodbye to the community through broken Hinglish.

We got to Dolatpura around 10:30 am. Our plan was to all meet with the old Surpanch, take water tests, find Jaydeep Bhai, and have the women of the team conduct one last interview. It turned out that we got the water samples at Jena Bhai’s house and then went to talk to the old Surpanch for a little while. Our talk with Leela went very well. We learned a little bit about the politics of the village and other projects that have been completed in the past few years.

While we were talking with Leeta, Jon began to feel a bit worse and he decided to go back to the factory. We wrapped up our talk and then went back to the anganwadi. The ladies of the group waited for the older women they wanted to interview with Gayatri.

Meanwhile, I was left without Jon, Michael, and Viral. So I talked to some villagers and played frisbee. I eventually made it out the fields and was playing catch when I was called back because it was time to leave. It was quite difficult to say goodbye, partly because I know so little Gujarati, but mostly because I am really going to miss all the people we say good bye and gave our friend Gohbo Bhai my frisbee and instructed him that it was for Dolatpura.

We went back to the factory and gave Gayatri her gift and had lunch. After lunch we said our goodbyes and headed home for a nap. We then got ready for Dinner with Salma. We had an awesome dinner and presented Salma with her gift. We finished up the night by getting taking a wild drive through Baroda and ended the night with some ice cream.

We had an incredible experience and we would like to thank the Setco Foundation, Setco Automotive, Dr. Krishna, and all the people we worked with for their support and insight into everything we did. We look forward for the coming year and stay tuned for an update on our project.

धन्यवाद – dhanyavād – thank you.