The First Week Back

Hey all, Haresh here with the second blog post of the year.  I am a new member of BLUElab India, having joined just last semester.  Overall, it has been a great time working with the people in BLUElab India, as well as meeting people within the organization as a whole.  This upcoming semester looks like a great opportunity for our team to work with the community in India.

For our first week back, the stoves sub team focused on looking through the BLUElab gate process, and making sure that we are up to speed in terms of each gate before prototyping.  While going through the review, we had some questions arise when we looked back at Gate two, defining the project.  We decided that it would be best to clear up these questions through a phone conversation with the family, and we plan to get in contact with them on Monday morning.

In addition to analyzing our progress, we brainstormed the specific goals and needs of our project and how we might implement those goals into our actual design.  We came up with a myriad of different ideas for each need.  Once the meeting was over, we decided that each member should bring a basic stove drawing for the next meeting.  Overall, the stove sub team’s  goals for this semester would be to start selecting and building some designs in the Wilson center that we might use once we go to India during spring and summer.

For our toilet systems sub team, we are currently around gate two.  We have ran into a couple of issues in terms of government action.  To elaborate the government is planning attempting to build toilets for everyone in Dolutpura.  For the next meetings, the toilet systems sub team is planning on finding out more about the government project, and see where they can go from there.

Overall, this new semester’s opportunities look promising.

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