Day 5: Developments, Dancing, and Diversions!

Hey people! It’s Shilpen here. As the week draws to an end we have had a few developments that have made us anxious to get back to work on Monday. After debriefing with Viral (who returned from his break today) we discovered a composting toilet project that is to be completed in Katol. We are very excited to look into the research and concepts of this new project as it is extremely similar to the designs we had created during the school year. We also had a great visit with Manojbhai and his extended family today.


While in Dolatpura, we discussed some of the overall goals of our stoves project with Manojbhai and answered the questions and concerns he had for us. He was very enthusiastic and excited to work with us and help us make the stoves project a success. He was also very excited about the upcoming wedding of his niece and even had his family teach Erica, Kaylla, and Zoha how to do a traditional Gujarati dance called Garba.


Sai and I connected with some of the younger boys by playing Frisbee with them. Overall, we had a good day connecting with the people of Dolatpura and with Viral.

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