Day 11: Lapedo and Logistics

Hi everyone, Shilpen here giving an update to our awesome followers. Just a brief tangent about the title, “Lapedo” is the Gujarati word for “apply on to something or someone”. Today, the word was used to describe the application of cow-dung and red clay mixture to coat the outside of the chulo (stove).


Today, we went to Dolatpura and coated our first prototype with cow dung. In addition, we showed them our blog using Sai’s laptop/tablet. They were all very excited to see their picture on the blog. We also had an interesting conversation about cricket and Chris Gayle. The kids were very interested to see what American sports were like so I showed them highlight clips and explained the basics of American football. They were really intrigued by the concept of football as it was very different from cricket and other Indian sports.


After our brief diversion we were back to work discussing our first iteration with Manojbhai. He expressed concern about the size and shape of our chimney or flue that we incorporated. He believed that a smaller and more cone shaped flue would expel the smoke faster from flue. We are excited about this new development and are planning to test the impact of shape and size after we test our first prototype. We are anxious to have people test our prototype alongside us and give us valuable feedback about the stove.


We were also able to attend a summer camp for adolescent women at the Kalol Anganwadi. It was interesting to see another side of the SETCO Foundation in action. The camp was designed to not only empower women through education but to show them the importance of a balanced diet, sanitation, education, etc. The girls were excited to learn and attend the 5-day workshop which included a hiking-resort trip nearby.

After our field visits we revisited and adjusted our plan for the rest of the trip based on our current progress. Tentatively we hope to complete and test two more prototypes. Overall, we had a very productive day for the stoves project in both the field and the office.

PS. (from Kaylla) Zoha tried to make friends with a cow at the village, but she was not amused with Zoha’s antics.


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