Days 13 and 14: Sightseeing in Sidhpur, Napping in Nadiad


Hi everyone, this is Erica checking in about this past weekend. It was eventful and relaxing at the same time. Sai, Kaylla, and I traveled to Lodhpur, a small village in Sidhpur, with Zoha to visit her grandparents. Shilpen went to Nadiad to spend the weekend with his uncle. Here is Shilpen’s quick report: I had a relaxing weekend with my uncle. We enjoyed lots of mango pulp as mango season just began in India. I also did some shopping around town and discovered the benefits of napping after lunch. All in all I got some much needed rest as I passed the halfway point in the trip. When we reached

When we reached Zoha’s grandparent’s beautiful home on Saturday afternoon, we were served a delicious, home-cooked meal of chicken and gilodi shak (vegetable). We were so excited to eat meat because most of our meals have been vegetarian. That evening we headed into the city so that Zoha could go to the dentist.


While they were examining Zoha’s teeth, we wandered around the market of Sidhpur with Zoha’s aunt. The architecture was beautiful. Kaylla had an awesome time taking photos of the bustling market. After the dentist appointment, Zoha led us to her favorite gola cart for an icy treat. Kaylla proclaimed that Kalakhatta (Zoha’s favorite gola flavor) tastes “like purple”.


We were excited to find that this gola man was adding coconut, raisins, and nuts to the middle of the golas. We all added coconut and it was AWESOME. He dipped the ends of the golas in this gooey, milky, green, straight-sugar stuff called malai. I had a hard time fending off the bees that were attracted by the golas, especially the malai. The next day, we visited the Rani-ki-vav step well in Patan.


The intricate stone carvings were incredible and it was cool to think that the well had been buried under ground and lost. Around the step well was a large park where many people were picnicking and playing games. We relaxed there for a spell before we went to a kathiavadi for lunch. We all sat on dholadis (hand woven-beds) and ate a traditional Gujarati meal. We left for Baroda around three.


That evening, Shilpen’s second cousins invited us over for dinner. We ate another meat meal (!!!!!!) on a terrace (!!!!!!). It was so breezy and was wonderful to watch the city from so far above. There were cows bellowing in the darkness. For dessert, we had the best ice cream we have had yet; it had whole mango chunks in it! Yum! Our weekend prepared us for another busy week of stove testing and building. -Erica

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