Day 18: Materials and Meetings

Hi all! Shilpen here checking in. Today, we had an exciting day at the SETCO Factory as we got to meet with Urja and Harish. To start the day we took a trip to Kalol and got plenty of materials to prototype different chimney shapes and styles. After much evaluating our selection of sheet metal we stuck to the galvanized steel 18 gauge sheets due to its high heat capacity and flexibility. Back at the office Urja arrived and quickly re-energized everyone. It was great getting to sit down with her and Mr. Harish to discuss the progress we have made and the work we have ahead of us. Both of them are extremely supportive of our team and are anxious to see how our prototypes turn out. Mr. Harish even brought up an interesting problem that troubles thousands of Indians. It was really exciting to see his passion for improving people’s lives and further developing India.


After our meeting we returned to our stoves project to develop potential chimney shapes to use for our stoves. We were given an outdoor workshop behind the factory were a veteran metal worker named Yaseembhai co-designed with us to develop a prototype that required rivets to seal the binding and prevent smoke from escaping.


We ultimately developed four different types and are planning to work with Viral and see some of the ideas he has about the chimney. We are all excited to see how the new chimney designs work and to show Urja and the SETCO team our second prototype.


Overall, our meeting with Mr. Harish and Urja along with our potential chimney design breakthrough gives us a much needed burst of energy to push us through the final week and a half of our trip.


One thought on “Day 18: Materials and Meetings”

  1. That is a great attitude BLUE TEAM INDIA ! When the going gets Tough, the Tough get going ! Accomplish what you set out to do !


    Minesh and Dipti


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