Day 22: Surpaanch Shows Septic Sytem

Hey everyone! Shilpen here checking in. Today Sai and I were able to connect with Arjunbhai who is the Surpaanch (leader) of Dolatpura. Although we went to him to gain feedback on composting toilets from a male perspective, we discovered a government scheme that are soon to be implemented in Dolatpura. The plan is that each house has a toilet that is connected to a main underground sewage pipe that will run through Dolatpura. The pipes will all join and flow into a large composting septic tank on the edge of the village. In the detailed plan, the liquid waste will be pumped out while solid waste is stored and composted in the tank. After a year of composting the government will come and remove the composted waste, package it, and sell/export it to other farming areas. Arjunbhai also took us to the nearby town of Kalol where the tank and underground pipeline is almost complete. We were able to see to designs and gain a good understanding of the government scheme.

Blog pic

We were also able to visit Arjunbhai’s farm and see the new toilets he had built with his grant money.

Blog Pic 2

They were traditional toilets with septic tanks only three feet deep.

Blog Pic 3

As we discussed our technology he became very interested and hoped to try a prototype in his farm. During mine and Sai’s research adventure with Arjunbhai, Erica, Kaylla, and Zoha were in Dolatpura taking measurements of the 3rd prototype and working with Sumitraben to develop a plan for our Stove Workshop in Dolatpura. Our plan is to have Sumitraben lead the workshop and host it around our 2nd prototype to show other stove builders around Dolatpura our newly co-designed stove. We are all extremely excited for the workshop tomorrow as it will begin the process of piloting the technology in Dolatpura!

One thought on “Day 22: Surpaanch Shows Septic Sytem”

  1. Great to learn about the Government scheme regarding the Toilet for each home ! Great Job with the second stove Prototype ! Good luck with your Stove workshop !


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