Day 24: Goodbye to Gujurat!

Hey everyone, Sai here to talk about our exciting/sad last day in Dolatpura. This is will be our last update from Gujarat as we are leaving tomorrow for Mumbai. Today was full of goodbyes and thank yous in Dolatpura. We went to Sumitra Ben’s house first to thank her for all the time and effort she has put in over the last month. She allowed us to build one of her stoves with her and let us teach her how to build our design. Her expertise with stove building has allowed us to truly co-design a better stove.


We also explained to her what our plan was for the future. There were also some questions by some other women in the village in regards to the cost and availability of the materials. Since we are still working on an implementation strategy with the SETCO Foundation we conveyed to them that they will be notified about the plan soon. While we were talking to Sumitra Ben about the plan, she began making a chimney for Sangeeta Ben’s new stove and also one for herself. She plans on building another stove with a shorter chimney for herself. Sumitra Ben was cutting the chimney by herself when her husband also decided to help. It was great to see that he understood the benefits of the stove and help her with the build.


After talking to everyone for a little while, we gave Sumitra Ben some photos from her daughter’s wedding and some of the stove builds. She was really excited to see the pictures with all of us behind the stove that we built. Meanwhile, Erica went over to Manjulaben’s house to give her pictures of when she helped us build our first prototype. We all said our final goodbyes and thank yous to Sumitra Ben and her family and went over to Chattarsin’s bhai’s house.


We went over to Chattarsin bhai’s house to thank him for all the time he has spent with us. He took time to speak with us over the phone many times over the past semester and took us to his farm to speak to more women in the family. We also mentioned to him our plan for the toilets project and that we will stay in close contact with him throughout the next year. Sangeeta Ben was out of town so we stopped by the anganwadi and gave her son more pictures that we had taken over the month for her to distribute.


Finally, we visited Jena Bhai’s house. He invited us to his home and we also talked to him about our plan for the toilets project. We made sure to clarify that we are finalizing a design and will hopefully begin testing over the next year.

It has been an exciting month full of hard work and building long time relationships. We all learned so much from this trip and it couldn’t have been done without the help of so many people. We want to thank everyone at the SETCO Foundation for all the time and effort they have dedicated to our project. We also want to thank SETCO Automotive for their support and all of Dolatpura for their willingness to work with us! We are looking forward to the upcoming year to continue our work and stay tuned for more updates!

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