India, Here We Come!

Our six-person travel team is taking off in less than 48 hours! We are packing our bags, determining how to get to the train station in a snowstorm, and scrambling to get our homework/exams done before departure. Below, get a glimpse of who you will be hearing from during our spring break trip Saturday February 27 to Friday March 4!

Garima Gupta – Toilets sub-team co-leader and problem-solver extraordinaire

Elena Stefanko – Toilets team superstar and overall detail-oriented go-getter

Rohil Hakim – Hindi pro and active toilets team member

Shilpen Patel – Stoves sub-team co-leader, Gujarati speaker, and seasoned BLIP traveler

Rushil Bakhshi – Toilets sub-team co-leader, Hindi-fluent, “the thinker”

Rachel Ross – BLIP team co-leader and founding member

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