Day 2: Introduce and Produce

Hey guys, Rohil here with the team updates. After getting enough rest yesterday, the travel team is ready to take on the work awaiting them in the week ahead. The day started early with everyone getting ready to eat breakfast in the hotel at 8 AM. We left at 8:30 AM for the Setco Office where we were greeted by Viral and his team followed by Salma ben. We exchanged greetings and introduced our new team to the people in the office. We went through our plans for the day one last time, loaded up on water bottles and left for the village.

A lot of smiles and hand-waves welcomed us to the village. We sat in the anganvadi where we met Sangeeta Ben, Sumitra Ben, and a lot of cheery, excited village kids. We introduced ourselves to everyone there and started interacting. Rachel brought a coloring book filled with stickers, which was a hit amongst the kids. Everyone got a sticker which aptly represented themselves (the kids thought it was funny when Rushil ended up with the monkey sticker).

We came back to the Setco office for lunch, some brainstorming, and a break from the sun. As we had a little extra time on our hands in the office, we used the resources present there to build a cardboard model of the bin which we plan to use in our toilet design (Garima and Elena were very excited about this, as it was the toilet team’s first official prototype!!!).


After successfully completing the model, we made our second trip of the day to the village. In the village, a few of us witnessed our first Indian marriage celebration while sitting inside the car as the celebrations were blocking our way. We sat down at Jana Bai’s house in the village where we introduced and talked to some other people of the village. While Shilpen and I continued the conversation and explained the two burner stove system, Elena, Garima, Rachel, and Rushil went to analyze an existing toilet system in the backyard of the house.



What started as taking snaps of the existing toilet system soon turned into a photo session with the villagers.


We then bid our farewell to the villagers for today and went back to the Setco Office. While there, Rajesh Bai and Viral showed us an alternative toilet system (built by Sulabh engineers) that is being used in quite a few villages, one of which is quite close to Dolatpura. This allowed us to compare our design with theirs, take notes, and gather further information. We ended the day in the office Indian style, with some hot chai, biscuits, and light talks. In the evening, we went out for ethnic Indian wear shopping which ended up lasting for hours. I was given the lucky position of holding Rachel’s clothing while she shopped more. This was followed by some pizza (actually a lot), breadsticks and a good night’s sleep.

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