Day 3: Fly in the Chai

Hi everyone, Garima here! After a quick morning game of Frisbee (during which Rachel repeatedly almost got hit in the face with the Frisbee), we all headed over to the SETCO factory for the day. Once we went over the day’s plans, we traveled to the village to talk to Chatrasinh about our current design (lugging our cardboard model from yesterday with us for demonstration purposes). Using CAD screenshots of our DSCN2536design and our cardboard model, we explained how our proposed design would work and got a lot of great feedback about what Chatrasinh did and didn’t like about the design.

The team was also able to talk to him about the compost research we have been working on since last semester back in Ann Arbor. We went to his backyard where we took some measurements and pictures of the government toilets him and his neighbors have, and were able to learn a lot about what people would like to see in an improved toilet design.


As before, picture-taking of the toilets quickly turned into pictures with the villagers (they love taking pictures!!).


While in the village, we also quickly met with Sumitraben, but with the community being busy with wedding preparations today, we plan to build our new double-burner stove design with her tomorrow. On our way out of the village, we stopped to take some pictures with a groom and his family on their way to a wedding function. Back at SETCO, we enjoyed a good lunch at the canteen with other SETCO workers, and I had a really interesting conversation with Gayatriben about the many social and health programs SETCO has started in local villages, including maternal health programs, adolescent education programs, and a program to teach women marketing and business skills and help them get micro-loans to start their own businesses.

In the afternoon we were able to travel to Katol and see a different toilet design that has been implemented by Sulabh International and SETCO. Again, we went to work taking pictures and measurements (utilizing the gyrometer in one of our phones in a pinch to measure the angle of the pipes). We were able to learn a lot from this design about ways to improve our design and how Sulabh and SETCO have handled certain design issues differently than we have in our design. After a productive day, we all got some delicious chai (though, much to Elena’s dismay, a fly decided to make her cup of chai its new home). We are looking forward to getting started on a two-burner stove build tomorrow!

One thought on “Day 3: Fly in the Chai”

  1. These pictures are bringing back so many memories! I miss Dolatpura. It’s exciting to hear about the toilets project. Last year, they were making plans, and it is great to see that they have started to implement them. Sumitraben is a pro and a great stove builder! She will love it if you get your hands dirty! I am sure no one will miss that opportunity. Good luck!


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