Day 6: Play and Display

Hey ya’ll, Rushil here! The skies were cloudy and there was a slight breeze in the warm March morning. We knew we had a long, busy day ahead of us. Of course, the best way to start to any day was with a good natured game of Frisbee. We threw the Frisbee around with some of the kids in Dolatpura while waiting for Chatrisinh Bhai to return for our meeting. From Garima’s Kodak catches, Viral’s underrated skills, and the all girls nearly being hit in the head with the Frisbee, it made for quite a warm up. DSCN2779After that, we discussed the details of the outhouse in Chatrisinh’s backyard and tied up some loose ends. We determined that there were two options that he was open to – either rebuilding an outhouse or altering the one that is currently on his property. We also learned that water and electricity are generally available.


Soon after the meeting with Chatrisinh, we moved to the anganwadi in preparation for our focus group meeting with the villagers. Despite some delays in starting the meeting, we were met with a pleasant surprise as a toddler of one of the villagers captured everyone’s attention with her adorable antics. IMG_1917.JPGOnce the men and women had all congregated inside, Viral started discussing the background and goals of the team and our project. As he delved into the discussion about toilets, we obtained some valuable insight. It sounded like the villagers were receptive to the composting design and was optimistic about being able to use the recycled byproducts for future use. Everyone expressed that they had enough space for toilet infrastructure on their property. They also said that they were willing to use a toilet that was above ground level. Viral also went over the stoves process and how the team was progressing with the two-burner system. He explained that we were building one in Sumitraben’s backyard and the results of that build would be seen tomorrow.


After the long and fruitful meeting, we departed back to the Setco factory for a well deserved lunch. The aloo-gobi was a major hit! Following our break, we dove into another meeting with members of Setco to discuss our progress so far. The meeting went very well and everyone seemed to be on the same page. Finally, the last meeting of the day was with a civil engineer at Setco Factory. The meeting provided very valuable input into the manufacturing process of toilet infrastructure and what materials would be best suited for usage based on the resources that are available. And that was it folks. We all huddled around the table and let out a collective sigh of relief. We headed back home, awaiting a well deserved nap.

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