Day 2&3: Meetings

Hi everyone! Sarah, here. It’s been a busy couple of days. Everyone on our team has finally made it safely to Baroda and we’ve already jumped into work. We have been having a number of technical issues, including limited Internet access, so we haven’t been able to post on our blog or format pictures.  We’ll edit posts to add pictures soon. Here is a quick recap of what happened in the last two days.

Yesterday, Rushil arrived, we gave him a couple hours to re-coup from jet-lag, and then we were off to the Setco factory. There, we presented the work we’ve done over the last year and our goals for this trip to the Setco team. We reviewed the progress of the single and double burner stove designs, as well as the new rocket stove concept, and discussed the development of the toilet system final prototype. It was helpful to get feedback and get new ideas flowing regarding all our designs.

Afterwards, the Setco team presented their own work and responsibilities in local communities. I think their presentation really resonated with the travel team because, before yesterday, none of us knew the full extent of the amazing work Setco does, and to be a part of the work they do is pretty awesome.


After Natasha joined us this morning, we headed to Dolatpura for our first interactions with the villagers. The Setco team organized a gathering of people to talk about our stove design and to stress that we would like their feedback to continue developing it. I loved getting the chance to finally meet and interact with Sumitraben and the people of Dolatpura, and to see their enthusiasm to greet former travelers, Sai and Kaylla. I’m really looking forward to being able to work and interact more with all of them.


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