Day 4: Perspectives

Hello everyone, it’s Natasha. Today was an early wake-up for the whole team. We all were out the door of our guest house by 7:30 AM, however, we still had time for some yummy Maggie before we left. We stopped by the Setco factory and then headed out to a new village called, Medapur. Our team and Setco’s team wanted to hear if their was a similar need for improved stoves in Medapur as there was in Dolatpura. We were all really excited to hear new perspectives about our stove design and meet the people of Medapur.


At the meeting, we  asked questions about the women’s current stoves and learned more about how they felt about their stoves. Many women shared that the dust from the stove was an issue which led to the blackening of their pots and pans as well as their house structure. We then shared our knowledge about the numerous health concerns of the current stoves in the village.



Overall, the meeting was very exciting and brought up the potential to work with Medapur in the future. After the meeting, we ventured back to the Setco factory to type up personal reflections of what we witnessed in Medapur. We realized that indoor air pollution is also a problem in Medapur and they see the need for improved stoves. After our discussion about our trip to Medapur, we had meetings with Gayatriben where she helped us understand the content used to educate villagers about sanitation in a more effective manner. We learned about visuals and videos that can be used to help communicate sensitive content in a more comprehensive way. It was a day of learning and new perspectives.


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