Day 7: Tandoori

Hi Everyone! Sai here! We have had a very unique day. This morning, Rushil and Natasha went through our toilet design before we met with a local construction contractor for feedback. Kaylla and Sarah began finalizing our stoves presentation to the Setco Foundation. Here’s an infographic from it!:

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 2.37.15 pm

After the contractor arrived, Rushil, Natasha, Viral, and I talked with the contractor for 3 hours to tediously go through every aspect of the design. He provided helpful insight into materials and logistics of the build, as well as suggestions for simplifying the design.

After missing lunch, Khaga (the bringer of Chai and Pani (water)) saved us by coming in clutch (Setco Automotive makes clutches so, pun…) with biscuits and chips. Fresh off chai, Salmaben and Viral took us out to the factory grounds to find a place for us to build the stoves on which we are going to conduct our validation protocol. We found a little hut/shed at the back of the factory grounds which we will convert into the “super hi-tech stove validation testing facility” (tarp enclosure) sometime this coming weekend (watch out for pics). Tomorrow, we will be building a traditional and our original one burner stove with Sumitraben at the factory! After deciding the location, we went to Dolatpura to review the plan for tomorrow with Sumitraben and to make sure we would have enough mati for both stoves.

Later in the day, we went to dinner with Salmaben and Sonum. The food was amazing and Kaylla was finally able to eat her coveted Tandoori chicken. On the way home, we stopped for mango ice cream and chilled on this cool breezy night.

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