Day 8: S.T.O.V.E.S.

Hey guys, this is Rushil back at it again with a rundown of another eventful day in Gujarat. We started the day off right by drinking the delicious chai of our caretaker, Harish Bhai. With a pleasant pep to our step we got in the car and jammed out to Krishna Bhai’s tunes as he drove us to the Setco Factory.

Once there, we split up assignments by having most of the team go to Kalol to purchase stoves materials while Natasha and I worked on refurbishing the toilet design layout after the meeting with the contractor the day before. As the rest of the team left for Kalol, Natasha and I got cracking on reworking the components of our bin, filtration system, ventilation system, and outhouse. Once each edit was accounted for, we started preparation for the next step in our toilets process: the meeting with the engineer.


Meanwhile in Kalol, the team searched far and wide for sheet metal, wire, and other material to build our stoves. After their fruitful journey, the team came back to the factory looking for an area that could accommodate their impending stove builds. Sure enough, a secret area, that some say counters Area 51, was stumbled upon. On this very day our covert structure, S.T.O.V.E.S., came into existence. The Stoves Tarp Operation Validation for Emissions Structure not only has a pleasant ring to it, but will be the site of our most precious stove build operations. Following this landmark moment, they called Sumitraben to set up our first stove build for the following day. As the team wrapped up their call, they decided to build the S.T.O.V.E.S. structure after a much needed lunch break.

As our whole team drove into the parking lot of Hotel Delight, we knew we were in for a treat. Our mouths watered with the thought of devouring Selmaben’s famous non-veg Biryani. To our disappointment, the hotel’s canteen only allowed vegetarian food to be eaten there. This didn’t stop us from eating the amazing dishes served at the hotel to our heart’s delight. Our stay at the hotel concluded with Natasha picking out a beautiful toy auto-rickshaw.


Once back, we ventured back to our clandestine area to build S.T.O.V.E.S. With our joint teamwork and the help of some factory guards the tarp cover was laid on and our stoves testing location was complete. And that was it folks. We packed our bags and headed home with our heads held up high with satisfaction as well as anticipation for the exciting days to come.


PS FROM KAYLLA (since I get to put all the photos in the blog, here’s a really cute puppy we met while running errands in Kalol)


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