Day 9: Shaping

Hi friends, Kaylla here! So today was pretty busy, packed full of excitement and infographics (I finally finished the stoves education presentation). Also three cheers for my laptop being fixed, but we’re still having hiccups with photos since photoshop takes a good strong wifi connection to download, something rare in these parts.

We started out the day with a solid few hours of office work, and Rushil and Natasha actually took out calculators and pencils and paper (Oh my!) to do integrals for the toilets design. Rushil guest comments on this blog with an official quote: “I haven’t done real math in a whole week!” Stoves churned out research which I turned into infographics as mentioned before, and the whole office continued its usual workings including way too many cups of chai.


Later that day we ended up splitting up, with me, Natasha, and Rushil going to a workshop for young girls run by Gayatriben to see how we might plan and carry out any type of community education, while Sarah, Sai, and Anjali stayed behind to wait for Sumitraben to come and lead the building of two stoves for validation testing.


Gayatriben’s workshop was extremely valuable from my perspective because she has a quiet presence yet strong influence amongst the villagers. She has spent 2 years gaining their trust in order to teach extremely important topics on women’s health that are often overlooked, or too sensitive to be discussed openly. Thus, despite not being able to understand most of the workshop (since my Gujarati vocabulary only consists of animal names, good, yes, no, and can I take your photo) we gained insight as to what teaching methods might be most effective for future reference. Ultimately the conclusion was that Gayatriben will be pivotal in whatever education modules or workshops we might use in conjunction with introducing the technology.


After an afternoon at workshops, we returned to join everyone back at our SUPER HIGH TECH STOVES TESTING SITE (sketchy tarp shack in the back of the factory) to build the traditional chulha, as well as a single surface cookstove chulha (our original design implemented last May) for the purpose of submitting them to our extensive validation processes. Sumitraben came from Dolatpura to the factory with her son Rakesh to help us and as usual, she can turn out a stove 3 times faster than our entire team put together. Sai and Viral spent most of the time we were building, wrestling with sheet metal to make sure our chimney was at the correct diameter. Within two hours we had two perfect stoves completed despite the scorching sun and 100+ degree weather. After ambling back to the office for a water break, we were on our way home, dodging highway cows and reveling in a productive day.


One thought on “Day 9: Shaping”

  1. Kaylla! As I was reading your blog, I could visualize scene by scene each activity! Either I miss Dolatpura and SETCO a lot or you are a great writer! I like to believe both are true. I am really excited to hear more about toilets, since a lot of it was very paper and pen when I was involved. Great job guys and keep drinking the brain functioning fluid (chai)!


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