Day 12: Office

Hey everyone it’s Natasha. Today I woke up to the beeping of my alarm instead of the usual: Sarah’s voice. I rolled out of bed and went to brush my teeth. Then the squad, aka all travelers, met up for breakfast. We ate our favorite breakfast meal, Maggi, and then headed out the door. As we reached our Toyota Innova, we saw Krishna Bhai happily waiting for us. Krishna Bhai requested that Rushil play his music and we listened to his tunes for the hour long trip to the Setco Factory.

Once we got to the factory, we went up to the office and claimed our usual seats. Rushil and I looked at emails from the toilets team back in the U.S. regarding the newest updates to the toilet design. We then started drawing new sketches of our toilet design with specific dimensions of the different bin components, filter, outhouse, and pipes. I drew the bin front view while Rushil drew the outhouse. While drawing, Kaylla got busy on editing her photos since Photoshop finally got properly installed on her computer. During that time, Sarah got a nose bleed and Sai freaked out. We got Sarah some water and pressed her nose—crisis averted.

We then had lunch together at the factory canteen with Viral and Rajesh Bhai. We got yummy Maaza Mango Juice with our meal.

When we got back to the office, Rushil and I finished the drawings and then Sai, Rushil, and I went out to move the stoves built with Sumitraben into the S.T.O.V.E.S. enclosure. Rushil and Sai really had to pull out their muscles to move the stoves into the hut, while I kept the enclosure open. It was hot…

Once the three of us returned to the office from the blistering heat outside, we all finished up final works of photo editing, blog post preparing, and weekly planning before leaving the office. Today was a more relaxed day, but toilets still got a lot done so that tomorrow we can email the contractor with our final design and materials list for him to come up with a budget.

Check out the previous blog posts for pictures!

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