Day 13 & 14: Encore

Hello! Sai here. Yesterday was a short day at the office. Rajeshbhai and Viral had the day off and Salmaben and Sonum were in Ahmedabad preparing for a health camp that is happening tomorrow. So it was a quiet day in the office.

Natasha and Rushil hit the designs again and began sorting through feedback from the team in the US. They redid calculations for the bin size of the toilet design and adjusted the filter measurements and then drew the designs for the contractor. They made the drawings as detailed as possible for the contractor to create an accurate cost estimate.


Kaylla continued to work on the photos because there were so many to go through for the past couple days. She is working hard to post all the photos since the start of the trip so please be sure to go back and check them out!

Sarah and I went out to the S.T.O.V.E.S (Stoves Tarp Operation Validation Emissions Structure) to make a vent so that smoke can exit when we begin testing. Using office safety scissors, we cut two small vents on the back end of the enclosure. After we returned to the office, we all packed up and headed back to Vadodara.

Today was another productive day in the office. The whole foundation team was at the health camp in Kalol so we held the fort down at the office. Sarah wasn’t feeling well so she stayed back at the guesthouse to get some rest.


Natasha and Rushil finalized all the dimensions, bill of materials, and drawings again and sent an email to the contractor. Now we wait for a budget meeting and if everything goes well, construction can begin! Huge shoutout to the team in the US and Natasha and Rushil for working hard for the past couple days on editing and finalizing the design. Please be sure to continue following the blog for more updates!

On the stoves side, we finally have begun validation testing! This morning, I collected wood and an assortment of other materials to begin the first safety test on the traditional stove. The safety tests involve protocols that assess sharp edges, containment of fuel, obstructions near cooking surface, surface temperature, heat transfer to the environment, and chimney shielding. After setting up the equipment and drawing a nice grid with chalk on the surface of the stove, I fired up the stove and waited for about 20 minutes for it to reach the maximum temperature. While I was waiting, I think I sweat off about 3-4 pounds because it was 48 Celsius (120 Degrees Fahrenheit) in the enclosure. I also chatted with security guard using my two semesters of Hindi knowledge. At the 20 minute mark, I whipped out our handy thermocouple and began taking temperature readings at every intersection of the grid. After noting down all the measurements, I put out the fire and returned to office and was greeted by a cold nimbu panu (lemon water).

We wrapped up our work for the day with kulfi (ice cream) from Salma ben (Thanks!) and began the one hour journey to the guesthouse.


2 thoughts on “Day 13 & 14: Encore”

  1. The Stoves test sounds fun but sweaty! Also, a contractor for the toilet is new news to me! I am looking forward to the meeting with the contractor.


  2. This is very exciting! So I finally went through the blogs, and I must say you guys have been hard at work. So has Sumitraben it seems. I’m excited to see the designs and catch up with you all next week on the 25th, and do some site visits etc. Let me know if you need to talk, skype or just bounce thoughts. We can do it in the evenings when you guys are back at the guesthouse.


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