Day 15: Blueprint

Hey guys, Rushil here! It was quite a sultry day in Gujarat. We started the day off with a hefty breakfast thanks to Harish Bhai. Unfortunately, Sarah was feeling a bit under the weather so she decided to take the day off. We collected our bearings and departed for the Setco Factory.

Once we got to the factory, the team split up tasks. Sai went outside to work on the stoves validation in the S.T.O.V.E.S. structure. After the first safety test that happened yesterday, we decided that the testing should be done in a way where we can stay outside the structure and only go in to maintain the fire. He installed software on his computer to record and store carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide readings in real time. He then moved the stoves closer to the entrance of the structure and cut a little viewing window to be able to read the thermocouple and particulate matter sensor. With all the materials and the equipment set up, we will begin the water boiling tests on both stoves early next week!

Meanwhile, inside the workplace, Kaylla was working hard on the Stoves Info graphic poster. She utilized Photoshop to form a stove graphic design. The immense amount of effort she has put in graphics and editing has really improved the visual representation of our project. Also, Natasha and I were reworking some calculations regarding the possible conflict of compost bin dimensions. Rest assured, the conflict was resolved and everything was accounted for. Sai soon joined us once again and we discussed some edits to the indoor air pollution presentation that we will be presenting to the Setco Foundation team. We realized that some of the stats that we had found about biomass usage were not the most up to date, but we found more recent information to resolve this issue. With that final detail in place, we headed off to a much awaited lunch in the canteen.


Once back from our brief respite, we got our stuff ready to go to Dolatpura. First, we visited Sumitraben’s house with Salmaben. Selmaben discussed the upcoming build of the rocket stove as well as explaining Sumitraben’s role with the Setco Foundation.


We then visited the fields near their house to collect dirt to be used in constructing our rocket stove design. After getting back, we headed over to Chatrisinh bhai’s house to talk about the usage and the yearly maintenance of the toilet system.


Then we headed over to his backyard to show the layout of our entire system. We realized that the size of the whole system would have to be reduced. We happily said our goodbyes and drove back to the factory.


When we returned to the Setco Foundation, we mapped out the footprint of the toilet system on the lobby floor. After seeing the area the design took there and comparing it to the space it took in the backyard, we have decided to adjust the dimensions of the design. And that summed up our long day. We wrapped things up and headed home with great satisfaction.

2 thoughts on “Day 15: Blueprint”

  1. Sounds like a busy day! Hoping to see the infographic… I think it’s so powerful how well-produced graphics can communicate all kinds of information. It sounds like there are lots of different technical and creative skills at work today!


  2. Toilets, there is so much progress! I am excited to hear about the feedback you all get from the family. Sai, I wish I was there to perform the test! The software sounds like it was a great addition for testing purposes. Kaylla, you should post your info-graphics when you complete it! I am interested in seeing what you have created.


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