Day 16: Rocket!

Hey peeps, Sai as a stand in for Kaylla here! Today was another eventful day in Dolatpura. Since Sarah is feeling better, she came with us to the office! This morning we did some planning for the rocket chulha build including figuring out the appropriate dimensions. Natasha and Rushil were back at it again with the toilet design calculations and design modifications.

Before heading to Dolatpura for the stove build, we went with Rajeshbhai to Kalol to buy PVC pipes to help shape the rocket stove and some pots for our stove validation testing. We hopped around to a few stores until we found one with PVC pipes of the right diameter. There two kinds of pots we bought for stove testing; Tapela (a large pot for boiling water) and Cadai (smaller pot used to make cudi).


From Kalol, we went straight to Sumitraben’s house to build the rocket chulha. When we arrived, Rajeshbhai and Natasha helped to explain the stove design to Sumitraben. We then started to wet the mati and also mix in a darker mati which seemed to have a higher clay content. After the kneading was done, we started to form the rocket stove around the PVC pipes.


Everyone was very confused as to what we were building because it looked a bit different compared to their traditional chulha. The rocket chulha is taller and wider than the traditional chulha. After completing the build, Kaylla added a sun design on the opening of the chulha for aesthetic purposes. Meanwhile, I was running around taking pictures and Natasha and Rushil drew pictures with Alpa and Nimisha.


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