Day 20: Hotter

Hello everyone, it’s Natasha! This morning we woke up with plans of heading out the door right at 8:30 A.M. However, when we got downstairs Krishna and the Toyota were both nowhere in sight.

Calling Krishna, we found out he had misplaced his car keys and would be over in 25 minutes. We ventured to the waiting area outside our guest house. Sarah and I swung on a swing bench where we all started playing our non-wifi required games on our phones. The usual Color Switch, Jelly Jump, Cloud Path, Zig Zag, Piano Tiles 2, and Stack were all in use.

The 25 minutes became a causal hour and half. A new driver finally arrived with a red Toyota Innova. We eventually got to the Setco Factory and quickly got up to date on toilet contractor news and plans for traveling to Dolatpura today.


Once we got to Dolatpura, we checked up on our rocket chulha (stove). Sumitraben explained she had lit the chulha once before and felt it was too tall and not wide enough. We also realized the chulha was not getting hot enough when we tried to boil water. I also had a fun time explaining airplane rides in Gujarati when Sumitraben asked if we had came here on a plane.


After testing the chulha, we wanted to get more mati so we could send the soil to a testing lab in Baroda. Sangeetaben’s son, Jignesh, helped guide us to the location of the black mati and after that we collected the lighter brown mati as well. The heat was intensifying and we were glad to travel back to the AC filled factory.


We spent some time in the office reflecting on the issues of the rocket chulha and doing some other tasks. Then at 5 pm, we headed out to the farm to meet with Chatrasinhbhai and his family to explain the use and maintenance of the composting toilet that will soon be built for them.


It was a good day of progress and, of course, glorious heat.


One thought on “Day 20: Hotter”

  1. The stove is beautiful! I think we had similar issues last year with our priliminary stove. Our first prototype was too tall which caused the heat to escape easily through the front fuel opening. We modified it by lowering the height and making it a bit wider. You guys look like you are on the right track!


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