Day 21: Birthday

Hi everyone, it’s Sarah! Today started off like most days – with us rushing out the door of the guesthouse after inhaling our breakfast and chai. After getting to the office, we had a bit of time to check and return emails before Kaylla, Sai, and I left with Rajeshbhai for Kalol for a materials run.

We’ve decided to take our own crack at manufacturing a concrete pipe for a chimney because, as far as we know, the concrete guy has had little success and we are running out of time. We also want to try building chimney out of mati, which would keep the price of the stoves at the low price of free. So while we were in Kalol we bought one PVC pipe to wrap mati around to keep the inner diameter accurate, and another for the outside diameter of the concrete pipe. For the inner diameter of the concrete pipe, we bought some plastic laminate to create a removable inner tube that we’ll fill with sand while the cement sets. We’ll try building the pipes within the next couple of days, but today has been the hottest day we’ve seen yet so working outside would not have been in our best interest. Luckily, it should be cooling down so we’ll only be working in 100 degree weather! Maybe.


We returned to the office where Natasha and Rushil had finished checking the material and cost estimates given by the newly official toilets contractor, and were taking care of the rest of their wifi dependent work. Then out of nowhere, Salmaben walked into our usual office space with a birthday cake that read “Happy Birthday Sarah!” And so, I got to experience my birthday Indian style by getting cake fed to me and also smeared on my face (thanks, Natasha). The cake was absolutely delicious. Salmaben was also generous enough to treat us to dinner later.

All in all, it was an exciting day, and we’re looking forward to another tomorrow.  


One thought on “Day 21: Birthday”

  1. Happy birthday Sarah! I love how everyone’s tolerance for hot weather has increased. Lol Is it possible for y’all to share the designs from the contractor?


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