Day 22: Specialization

Hello world, Sai here. We had another very eventful day today which started off with Anjali joining us at the guest house! The day began with a conversation with Salmaben about the plan for the day and an update from the contractor.

After the meeting, Salmaben, Kaylla and I went to a cement factory in Ghodra which is about 30 km away from the office. When we arrived to the cement factory, we explained our project and the dimensions we wanted for our cement chimney. The dimensions we want are not produced and sold in the market so we wanted to see if a local manufacturer could produce a few for us to test. Through discussion we found out that for the temperature capabilities we wanted of the chimney, a cement material would not be right. Instead, they suggested to use some sort of ceramic material which is more heat resistant and cheaper. This material is currently being used in hotels here as chimney exhausts. Now, we will start working on how to incorporate this material into our Chulha design.

Meanwhile, Viral, Natasha, and Rushil went to Dolatpura to meet with the contractor for a site survey at Chatrsinh bhai’s house. We have officially signed a contractor so we wanted to visit the location of the build and just make sure everyone knew the plan for construction. After mapping out the space of toilet in Chatrisinh’s backyard, the contractor examined the space and with some changes finalized the exact location with Chatrsinh bhai. Excavation for the compost bin and the outhouse foundation will begin tomorrow morning! Building of the toilet is finally happening!

At the office, Anjali worked on the translation of our indoor air pollution presentation and interaction of our toilet usage and maintenance document that will be given to Chatrsinh bhai. We will be giving the issue of indoor air pollution presentation to the whole Setco Foundation team next week. Meanwhile, Sarah worked on updating the blog and reviewing stove validation plans. We will likely be doing the validation tests more frequently next week when the temperatures cool to below 110 degrees.

After a long day of work, we returned to the guesthouse for much needed rest.

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