Day 27: Brainstorm

Yo, Rushil here! What a day to be alive. We were at full power today as we had all six of our members traveling to Setco. After a hefty breakfast, we all loaded up in the car and journeyed out to the factory. In an attempt to call a stoves manufacturer, Natasha had an accidental conversation with Sai’s grandfather, which resulted in many laughs.  By the time we arrived, we were definitely in good spirits and ready for the long day ahead of us.

Once we got to the office, we created a schedule for the day. As this was finalized, we headed out to the village. At the village we went to Sumitraben’s house to look over the two burner stove that was built. Since there were cracks in the stove, Sumitraben had to apply lapedo to counteract this issue. Meanwhile, Sarah and Sai were measuring and documenting the dimensions of this stove to compare it to older prototypes. After this, they measured the final rocket stove design. Once they were done inside the house, they headed to her backyard. There Sarah, Sai, Kaylla, and Anjali measured the temperatures of the two burner stove and checked the appearance of the smoke. We were hit with some good news as there was no smoke being emitted and the stove was working relatively effectively.


Meanwhile Natasha and I were looking over the toilet construction. There was great progress made on the outhouse. The bricks had been constructed to the top of where the concrete slab will be placed.


Also, the compost bin excavation was just about finished as the hole had reached an astounding 10 feet in depth! Next step will be compost bin foundation. We documented this construction with some splendid action shots by Kaylla! But it wasn’t all work today! We also tossed the Frisbee around and had an intense game of soccer. After some good natured fun, we wrapped up our things and headed back to the factory.


Once back, we quenched our thirst with some delicious lemon water and went down to eat lunch with the rest of the foundation. It was nice to finally sit down for a while and get to know the team a bit more. Between great conversation and food, we really earned a much needed break.

Following lunch, we had an insightful discussion with Urja involving the short and long term goals of primarily the toilets project. Discussing and brainstorming ideas of future progress definitely helped drive us into a positive direction for the team in the upcoming year.

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