Day 28: Hodgepodge

Hey guys.. Anjali here… Since we’re pretty close to the and of the trip it was a pretty busy day so we split up into two groups. Sai and Sarah did a water boiling test on the traditional stove in the enclosure in the backyard. They got some really good data on particulate matter, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels in the smoke emitted by the traditional stove which will tell us exactly how dangerous these specific designs are as far as indoor air pollution. Collecting quantitative data ultimately helps back our reasoning for adoption of stoves in the village and contribute to any expansion plans we might execute in the future.

Meanwhile, Rushil, Natasha, Kaylla and I went to the village. Rushil and Natasha checked up on the toilet construction and talked to the contractor to make sure that the work is continuing smoothly and on track. The foundation for the soak pits is being laid out!


Kaylla and I talked to Sumitraben about building a stove in the Anganwadi tomorrow since Sangeetaben feels like it is a central location for people to be able to see the design, and she also wants to cook meals for the children on it as well. We also collected maati for the tomorrow’s stove so we could soak the mud and have it ready for use.

Finally, Natasha, Rushil and Sai went to Katol. Since one of our goals for our next trip to India is education about need of toilets and adapting toilets for whole villages, they went to check up on an existing toilets project in Katol. They evaluated if the needs for toilets is understood by the villagers and how as well as the number of the preexisting toilets in Katol are being used. While in Katol, they also got to see a judo instruction for girls led by a team member from the Setco Foundation. It was pretty cool to see girls throw these tall guys to the ground as well as witness another project aimed at female empowerment. All in all, a buys day.

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