Day 0: Let the 12 Days Begin

Namaste, this is Kabir! I’m on the education and finance subteams and this is my first time traveling with BLIP.

There were no crying babies…for the most part. IMG_3466.jpgWe started our winter break journey by traveling to the Newark airport from Detroit. Everything was flowing smoothly until Sai got pulled aside and searched because he didn’t think a Microsoft Surface was a laptop. As we exited the plane taking our first step onto New Jersey soil, we were greeted by a plethora of signs that had no relevance to finding our next flight. After thoroughly investigating every crevice of the whole airport we finally found the Air India desk and received our remaining tickets. I was able to use my nonexistent charm and lack of confidence to get three seats altogether for the dreaded 14 hour flight from Newark to Mumbai.

During the flight we slept and watched movies on and off. Sai told me to play a brain game, which broke my television. We were then given “sandwiches” which consisted of two slices of bread, a packet of ketchup, and a slice of cheese too small for the bread. We reached Mumbai and let our families know of our arrival. We continued to Ahmedabad where we apologized profusely to driver Krishnabhai for arriving late in our newly invented language Hinglish (a combination of HinIMG_0074.jpgdi verbs and English pronouns). Though it was difficult to stay awake during the three-hour drive to the guesthouse, the sights we saw were rich with color and cultural nuances that we love about India. We enthusiastically counted the cows on the road, clutched the seat of our pants as we whizzed past trucks asking for us to, “blow horn ok please”, and marveled at the endless amounts of flora. We arrived and were warmly greeted by the caretaker Harishbhai. He prepared us Maggi, the better Indian Ramen, and wished us a pleasant night. Jetlag took three more lives that day as Rachel, Sai, and I fell into a deep slumber until tomorrow.

Though it is our first day here, we already know how fast the trip will go. Rekindling with the Dolatpura community and the Setco team we will feel at home again. To imagine the relationships we have formed and will form on this trip, we are extremely lucky and I am so proud to be on such a wonderful team.

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