Day 4: Four Engaging Groups

Hi World! Sai here. There is nothing like waking up to a hot gingery chai at the beginning of a super long day. Before enacting our daily routine of hopping in Krishna bhai’s car, we had a rich breakfast full of vegetables and paratha (thicker roti).

When we arrived, we immediately sat down with Gayatriben to discuss the strategy regarding the indoor air pollution workshop that was going to be held at 11 in Medapur. We made some minor changes to the presentation (moving pictures around). Yesterday we had come up with a few questions that would be asked by the Foundation team.  We wished to present these questions before the workshop to have a very basic understanding of what the community feels about cooking. In a few days we plan on going to Medapur and asking those same questions to assess the impact of the indoor air pollution workshop.


At 10:30am the Setco Foundation (SF) team and us left to Medapur where we were greeted by the surpaanch and a Self Help Group (SHG) who were wrapping up a meeting in the anganwadi as we arrived. Salmaben began the introductions of the team while we helped Gayatriben set up the projector and screen. Then the workshop began!



During the presentation, Kabir and Rachel were observing the mens’ and womens’ reactions respectively while I was running around as cameraman trying to capture the whole event. The workshop lasted about 20 minutes and it involved a lot of great conversations. After finishing the main presentation, we were invited to several households to see their stoves and ask some questions regarding cooking habits.


We ate lunch as soon as we arrived back at the factory and sat down with Urja (Setco Foundation President) to review our goals for the trip and develop plans for where we are headed. This was an important conversation, which would likely continue through the remainder of the trip. Then, we tackled our last task of the day which was to go to Godhra to speak to the distributor of the ceramic chimneys. We asked questions about raw materials, cost, and other models that he might have. We decided that we needed to continue to meet and discuss with various vendors regarding chimneys.


After returning to the factory, we said good night to everyone and left for the guesthouse. It was a very long day with many different conversations that will hopefully help us moving along!

Note: I am responsible for photography this trip and I have about 10 min of intense YouTube training so please feel free give me suggestions about it!


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