Day 5: Five Awesome Meetings

Kabir here! Nothing screams waking up in India like Harishbhai slamming the door open yelling “up, up” as if the building was crashing down. We scheduled the car to pick us up that day at 9:30 and even though this wake up call was extremely efficient in getting us up at 7:00, Sai and I promptly went back to sleep. Waking up on our own accord, we were greeted by the smell of omelet and chai. While on our drive to the office we discussed cars with Krishnabhai and saw our first elephant!img_3652

Urja came to the office today with her son, so as soon as we entered we put our nose to the grind stone and cranked out our goals when visiting Katol and the future of stoves. During said meeting we were told that there was a meeting with the Setco Automotive President at 4 to present our education module given in Medapur. I was quite excited. After the meeting we met another partner of Setco, the SNEHA group, an NGO that focuses on large public health areas in Mumbai. We were introduced to the new Setco employee Elsa, and all headed to lunch together. Afterwards we anxiously waited for our appointment at 4. As it slowly approached I made sure my computer was cleaned, the presentation was beautiful, and Gujurati on point. We met with Mr. Sheth and Salmaben presented the slides. IMG_0132.JPGThe meeting went very well! Afterwards we took the input received from Urja and Salmaben and updated our stoves plan. Salmaben kindly invited us to dinner to one of her favorite restaurants. As we headed to the restaurant we stopped by the apartment to freshen up. I put on a mean looking jacket and called myself business casual.

Little did I know that the restaurant we were attending was at the roof of an 8 story building with a roller coaster as the center piece. You don’t see that everyday. We were presented with a wide array and assortment of vegetarian and non vegetarian traditional Indian cuisines. I ate so much chicken tikka and naan that I fell into a food coma directly afterwards. We followed up dinner thanking Salmaben and watching 30 minutes of PK (a Bollywood movie) before we all passed out.

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