Day 6: Six Vendors A-Selling


The day started off with another rendition of Maggi noodles. Then we headed downstairs where Salmaben met us to take us to pipe vendors in Baroda. Our hope was to fine the people who sell the pipe that we’ve been using for our latest iteration of our low-smoke chulha design. After three stops where we found PVC and galvanized steel pipes, we decided to head to a factory that one of the vendors said manufactured the clay pipes we were looking for.

After two unsuccessful stops, we dropped Salmaben off at the office so she could attend a meeting. Atul joined us to continue the search. We found another vendor who told us about the factory that he buys clay pipes from. We headed in the direction he described and, after stopping a couple times for directions along the way; we located the factory that produces a variety of clay pipes and fittings. The factory owner was nice enough to show us the process by which the pipes are extruded, trimmed, sun-dried, and fired. We learned a lot and walked away with a bag of mati and two chimney pipes free of charge.

When we returned to the factory we ate lunch and then read through a Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA, similar to a needs assessment) summary document about the village of Katol, which is a community that we intend on visiting while here. After reading through the document, we had a long meeting with Rajeshbhai regarding how Setco carried out their PRA in Katol, what the local government and social structure are like, and average standard of living across different communities.


We packed up and headed back to Baroda where we went to Salmaben’s house (after freshening up at the guest house for a few minutes). We got to enjoy the beautiful view from her balcony and a very well prepared meal followed by some famous Havmor ice cream. It was a wonderful way to end a productive day.

One thought on “Day 6: Six Vendors A-Selling”

  1. So proud of all of you! Keep up the good hard work. What a priceless experience. Eagerly awaiting your next post. Love you and miss you Kabir!


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