Day 7: Seven Steps A-Planning

Hello! Sai here! We woke up early today and started off with a much awaited cup of chai and tea rusks (biscuits for dipping in chai). After Krishnabhai arrived at the guesthouse we immediately left for the factory for our meeting at 9:00am in Katol.

We picked up Rajeshbhai at the Setco factory and left to Katol to meet with a community leader. The goal was to learn more about the community specifically about the organizational structure, existing projects, and the leadership roles. Afterwards we walked through the community only observing and learning more about the participatory rural appraisal (PRA) outcomes.  We returned to the factory and went to lunch where Kabir began his roti-eating marathon.


Then, we left with three Setco Foundation team members for Dolatpura to meet with our partner families. First, we sat down with Sumitraben and her family to receive some technical stove feedback and then built the design we had built in May. We primarily observed this build to understand how comfortable Sumitraben was with the design. She did an incredible job replicating the stove, which was really awesome!


While Viral and I helped Sumitraben and her husband finish up the stove, Rachel, Kabir, and Salmaben went to speak to Chatrsinh’s family about the toilet prototype in addition to retrieving the sensor.


After we had completed our conversations we returned to the factory. After chai and refreshments we went into our next meeting with the Setco Foundation core team. We presented and discussed a tentative 7 step plan for the expansion of stoves. We had some important conversations about roles, responsibilities, and long term goals that are really exciting!

We returned home to a beautiful sunset and prepped for our meeting with Urja and the Setco field team early the next day.

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