Day 10: Ten Mehndis Appearing

Sai here! Today was our last day in the field and it started off by trying to fix the toilet sensor. After installing the new battery we found the day before, we downloaded some data from the sensor and realized that there might be an issue with some of our equipment. We decided to check it over when we got to Dolatpura and had access to the probes. So after eating a delicious lunch, we headed off to the factory to pick up one of the R&D volunteers.

While waiting for the volunteer, we sat down with the head of the R&D department at Setco Automotive to discuss some upcoming goals and their role. Once the volunteer joined us we were off to Dolatpura for the last time this trip. When we arrived, we ran into Chatrsinhbhai so we decided to visit the toilet first. Rachel and Kabir took measurements of the prototype while I reinstalled the sensor and tried to determine if there was still an issue with the equipment.


After we wrapped up work with the toilet and said our goodbyes to Chatrsinbhai, we visited the anganwadi and Manojbhai’s house to get detailed measurements of the stove and also run through the design with the R&D volunteer. It is really important that we setup the mechanisms to collect the technical feedback from the stoves that Sumitraben builds. The rest of the time in Dolatpura was spent laughing at our terrible Hindi and one of Sumitraben’s daughters making impressive mehndi designs on Rachel’s hands and feet. It was great to spend some time with Sumitraben’s family and just relax after a week and a half of hard work. After finishing up the mehndi, we headed back to Baroda.


Viral graciously invited us to his house for dinner where we got to meet his family! While deciding where to go for dinner, his son played with milk voucher cards by rearranging them in every possible way. A little while later, we headed to Masala Mirchi which had a variety of traditional Indian food (like pani puri that we could actually eat)! We tried many dishes and finally said our goodbyes to Viral. After we got dropped off at the guesthouse, we finished packing up for our long day in Ahmedabad and return back to the US.

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