Day 11: Eleven Prototypes Presenting

Kabir here again. So we forgot to set an alarm. As we moved faster than the speed of light packing all of our remaining clothes and toiletries while inhaling our food the reality of leaving had not set in. While heading downstairs to meet Rajeshbhai to travel to the Environmental Sanitation Institute for our meeting, we were intercepted by Salmaben saying her final goodbyes. She graciously presented snacks and foods to take home and sent us on our way to Ahmedabad.

When we figured out the true location of ESI we were greeted with the beauty of lavish amounts of both flora and fauna. The first thing we came across on campus was every iteration of composting toilets that the group has tried and evolved.


Moving further down the campus there were prototypes of smokeless chulas that incorporate different innovations in their two designs. After learning about their awareness modules, as well as the toilet and stove iterations themselves, we were given a tour of the rest of campus.



All in all, no water is gone to waste, all materials that can produce biogas will be used to produce biogas, and expect that any structure you stand on serves as a form of water storage. The most breathtaking scenes were the meditating structures sitting on top of a lake with a glass bottom floor.


After concluding our visit at ESI we headed to the Silver Platter…Silver Dew….Silver Cloud…Silver something. There were so many Silver names on the building we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. The restaurant itself was a Jain-friendly (strictly vegetarian) restaurant. After having a hearty meal with Rajeshbhai we headed to the Gandhi Ashram. The thought of walking in Gandhi’s footsteps was extremely grounding and amazing. I reveled in the thought that the tree I was touching or the sight I was looking at could have been shared with Gandhi! Concluding our journey we headed to the Ahmedabad airport. We boarded our flight and headed off to New Delhi. The flight ahead of us will take about 15 hours and I know we are all looking forward to that! My heart is heavy but I still hold onto the hope that I will see everyone I miss in the near future.

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