Day 12: Twelve+ Hours of Layovers

Hi, everyone! Rachel here for one last blog post. The final day of our trip was spent on airplanes, in airports, and driving. Some of us stayed awake for most of this ~40 hours of travel (which included a lovely few hours in Delhi) while others did an impressive amount of sleeping. All of us, however, watched our fair share of movies on the 14 1/2 hour trans-Atlantic flight to Chicago.img_3837

In O’Hare we had the pleasure of going through immigration (thankfully all in one piece and without having to open our luggage for immigration officers). After that, we got some (American!) McDonald’s breakfast before getting our boarding passes and heading back into security. I got to speed through that process thanks to TSA pre-check while the boys waited in line for what seemed like at least an hour. I got Starbucks and toured most of the terminal while I waited.

The rest of the day was spent in the airport attempting to write the trip report, playing games on our phones, and occasionally succumbing to jet-lag-induced sleep attacks. It was a long layover and it was a relief to finally get on our short flight to DTW. As soon as we began to taxi I think all three of us were out like a light. We were woken by the captain telling us to prepare for landing. The wheels hitting the ground was a beautiful thing. Finally, we were back in Michigan!


We gathered our luggage and wedged ourselves and our bags into my small car that my brother was driving. After a car ride spent reminiscing about the trip, we dropped everyone off at their respective homes and finally unloaded my car at my place. As soon as my things were upstairs I hit my bed hard and slept. It was so good to be back in my own bed, but I missed the sounds of Baroda lulling me to sleep.

One thought on “Day 12: Twelve+ Hours of Layovers”

  1. Welcome back!!! You all were truly missed! While the Christmas lights twinkled a little dimmer here without you all, your hard work will make so many lives brighter! THANK YOU!


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