Day 3: D is for Dogs

Hi all, Natalia here. We began our day with a hearty breakfast of omelets and buttered toast, supplemented with a healthy dose of Nutella on butter cookies. As we sipped our morning chai, we watched music videos from Bollywood movies on the TV.

Along the car ride to the Setco office, we napped to the sound of honking car horns.

We spent the morning working in the office. We were brought chai, potato chips, and safety equipment for working with the toilet prototype. Around noon, we went to visit the sarpanch (kind of like the mayor) of the nearby village of Katol to learn more about the community. We received a very warm welcome, and were pleasantly surprised to find that an entire panel of government people were there to meet us. We had a very productive discussion on current affairs in Katol.


We returned to the factory for lunch, making light conversation about the stifling heat. After a quick debriefing on the meeting in Katol, we set out on a shopping trip to Kalol (yes, those are two different places) to find some equipment for measuring the toilet.


After ducking in and out of countless shops looking for a meter stick, we finally managed to locate a tape measure and 7-foot-long wooden stick. Close enough. Nisha was initially hesitant to haggle with the storekeeper, but nonetheless managed to bamboozle him out of 8 rupees. Meanwhile Sarah took some awesome pictures from the car, including one of a scruffy dog.


Back at the guest house, we chilled in the air conditioning and snacked compulsively until dinner was ready. After eating, we retired to Kabir’s room to discuss the day’s events and prepare for the rest of the week. Nisha got bored and bamboozled us again with this hand-drawn meme of a dog.


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