Day 9: J is for Justifications

Hey everyone! Sarah here with your daily report of travel team shenanigans. Our day started out in Barola, our last community visit before deciding where to do our needs assessment.

When we first rolled up to the town, we were greeted by the sights and sounds of wedding prep – canopies were hung, food was being prepared in massive pans, and the sound system was getting checked. But despite all the hubbub, we were greeted by a number of men and women willing to discuss their lives with foreigners. We were pleasantly surprised by the frank responses we received from each of the conversations we had in both falias, and left excited to continue the remainder of the pre-needs assessment processes.

Back at the office, there was a flurry of note review, decision matrix ranking and justification, blog posting, chai drinking, email writing, and general internet usage. After a very productive day, the whole team knocked out for much-needed naps during the car ride back to the guest-house. But we weren’t done yet! We soon settled in with more chai, biscuits, and mangos to further compare the highest ranked communities in our decision matrix to finalize our needs assessment community. After rehashing our notes, considering the criteria we developed with our team back home and a tangent on future BLIP goals, we finally announced Barola as the focus of our needs assessment!

By the end of the day, we were all looking forward to our day off.

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