Day 11: L is for Laundry

Hey all, Nisha here! We prepared for a day full of meetings with a massive breakfast. We woke to two huge omelets, four pieces of toast, and a sweet cup of chai. Natalia and I were struck by momentary relief as we had finally been presented a meal that didn’t contain onions.

Upon arriving to the office, we found our expected schedule for the day was rearranged and several meetings were postponed, so we settled down for a bit. We worked until our meeting with the director of Setco’s R&D department and Vidhi and Parth, who are both volunteers from the department. We dove into the specific details of our toilet and stove design, explaining our reasoning for certain decisions, highlighting problems we are working to resolve, and proposing what the future of our relationship with the department will look like.


With our first meeting successfully completed, we moved on to making plans with the toilets contractor. Rajeshbhai helped us mediate the conversation, as we were not able to speak with the contractor directly. After about an hour of back and forth, Rajeshbhai proposed some alternative sources that we could employ to help us complete the changes we needed for the toilet. We made plans to finalize the details tomorrow as we left the office.

On our way home, we decided that after a long week of work, we wanted to treat ourselves. So naturally, we decided to go back to the restaurant that had served us buckets of garlic naan a few nights ago. After this decision had been made in the car ride back, I slowly dosed off. Sometime later, I was woken in a panic by Rachel and Sarah, who both bore a look of seriousness. To my surprise, this was stemming from the need for me to tell the driver that we wanted dinner now.

Upon arriving back at the guesthouse with the food, we quickly ravaged through five garlic naans and four paneer dishes leaving just enough leftovers for a savory snack tomorrow. Along with the food we were greeted by the welcome surprise that our laundry had finally returned, just in time for us to pack for our Mumbai trip.

As many of our meetings that we had prepared for had been pushed back until tomorrow, we found ourselves with little work to do at the guesthouse and took the opportunity to relax. After yet another brutal loss, the night ended in celebration as the infamous team of Kabir and I, famously coined as Nibir, rose to victory as we finally defeated Rachel and Sarah in Euchre.

Alpa’s (+Kabir’s) original designs


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