Day 1: Kevin’s Spilled Chili vs. Keny’s Spilled Ras (Mango Puree)

Hey everyone, Keny here! This May, Caroline, Colby, Nisha, Gautham, and I have been fortunate to travel to Gujarat with the BLUElab India Project. We were very lucky to have smooth and safe travels into Gujarat. Once we reached Ahmedbad, the team met Nisha’s grandpa and uncle along with my uncle, greeting us with snacks and SIM cards – you know, the essentials.
Once we arrived at the guesthouse, the team rested for a few hours after freshening up. Although we were still quite jetlagged, everyone took only short naps in order to sleep through the night. Nattubhai, one of the Setco drivers, graciously brought us a delicious traditional Gujarati meal of lentils, rice, vegetables, and roti (daal, bhaat, shaak, roti). As Gujaratis, Nisha and I excitedly explained what each dish was. Luckily, everyone enjoyed the lunch and especially my favorite, ras, mango puree.


After lunch, we each began clearing the dining table and I decided to help out with putting the container of ras in the fridge. As I went to place it in the shelf, my finger slipped and the entire tub flipped upside down (I’m sure you saw this coming from me). Caroline immediately mentioned: “Hey this is like The Office scene when Kevin spills all of his chilli!” At this point everyone is dying and rolling on the ground laughing as I am feeling terrible for making a mess. So I began cleaning the Ras up, meanwhile Nisha and Gautham were laughing incessentally and taking terrible photos of me. After the filling lunch, we watched a movie and everyone dozed off for a nice 45 minute nap before waking up around dinner time.

KWBX3570[1].JPG              tenor.gif

For dinner Nattubhai took us to a well-known Indian chain restaurant Honest. Even though we ordered mild, the curry was still slightly too spicy (rip). After driving around Vadodra after dinner, we headed back to pick up our luggage and move to a new guesthouse. After settling in, we explored the balconies and enjoyed the new view, later sitting down to discuss the upcoming two days. We reiterated our objectives and are very excited to introduce the new travelers to the Setco team and the communities, Barola and Dolatpura! To say the least, we had a pretty eventful first day back in India!