Day 3: New Boss (Urja’s Here!)

What up everyone, it’s Gautham here! We have really been getting more used to life in Gujurat and the morning routine. We started the day around 7 AM, with some delicious Indian sandwiches with jam and butter, watermelon, and mango juice. We left the apartment around 8:30 and headed to the office.

Upon reaching the office, we began strategizing for both our Stoves and New Technology projects for the upcoming month. We debriefed the work we have accomplished in the past few days and developed some goals for the coming weeks. We also had a chance to discuss material sourcing ideas for our new technology prototype and brainstorm new possible design ideas until lunch.


Later that day, in the middle of our work, Urja, Salmaben and Rajeshbhai surprised Nisha with a birthday cake! The whole office sang happy birthday to her and we all ate some delicious, rich  chocolate cake. Keny also tried feeding Nisha a piece of cake, but it turned out a little less graciously than intended (it’s ok, it still tasted delicious)!

After a great lunch we headed back to the office for some preparation for our meeting with Urja (President of SETCO Foundation) and the foundation team. We then headed into the boardroom and waited for our meeting with Urja. Our discussion with Urja and the foundation team was very productive and we laid out the plan for the rest of our trip. We also had a chance to talk about our plans for our trip to Mumbai and our presentation at the American School of Bombay.

After the presentation, we wrapped up for the day and headed back home to the apartment. At the apartment we chilled for a bit in the living room before dinner. Our housekeeper, Sanjay, graciously cooked us a delicious dinner of bhindi (okra), daal (lentils) and bhaat (rice), and roti. After dinner, we headed out on the balcony and witnessed an amazing sunset. Since we wanted to take a break from work for a night, we watched “The Other Guys” until we all passed out from exhaustion for the night.


That’s all for this post!


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