Setco Factory Lecture Circuit

Hey everyone, Caroline here! I am beyond excited to be in Gujarat, and time is really flying by much faster than I anticipated. We started the day with my favorite breakfast: mango and bataka paua. Then, we left for the office around 8am and Keny and I ran to get in the back seat (these kids don’t know what they’re missing back there) and we got some great videos of water buffalo crossing the street. I will never get over the fact that no one watches the cows and they just know where to go.  

After settling in with some chai at the office, we got straight to work brainstorming prototypes and sketching possible design solutions for New Tech. It was a really productive morning and after taking a short mental break, we jumped right into the Stoves project.


Before heading to community, we discussed our goals for the visit and how to best obtain the necessary information to continue the expansion phase of this project. We were also lucky enough to be accompanied by Urja and her close friend, Prasad, a well-known yoga teacher. I really look forward to visiting community every day and hearing from all the women. Today was extra special because we had the chance to meet Namrataben’s beautiful daughter, Manvi. This was the first baby the team made smile, which I guess isn’t something to be proud of since we have seen many children now, but better than nothing!


It was an extremely hot day and while trying to be an attentive interviewer I was jumping back and forth on my feet because they were practically baking on the ground. Nonetheless, we gathered some great data today with Nisha doing the translating, Colby taking the notes…and me trying not to make a fool of myself. We also had some close encounters with the cows as they kept making intense eye contact with Gautham (he was VERY infatuated with them haha).

Once we were back at the Setco office we enjoyed a delicious lunch with the beloved mango rus and the wonderful company of Urja, Prasad, and Gayatriben. We debriefed our visit to community and then joined the workers from Setco Automotive for a presentation about the foundation’s work. They did 1000 times better than Michael Scott on his lecture circuit, but, hey, I can’t pass up a good “The Office” reference.

At about 5pm we wrapped up our work and were greeted at home by Sanjay and a delicious meal of pav bhaji (vegetable gravy with bread). If you can’t tell already, I am enjoying all the food since I think it’s crucial to share all the meals we have throughout the day. After washing up, the girls enjoyed some bonding time doing face masks (Keny even applied mine for me like a true spa treatment). Gautham passed on this great opportunity but I think he can be convinced later. I am looking forward to more great food and plenty more adventures!


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