Day 6: Fun at the Mall!

Hey everyone, it’s Colby again! We had a very nice and productive day on Saturday as it was our last day in the office for our first week. We started out the day with bread and jam sandwiches prepared by our lovely caretaker Sanjay. After that, we headed to the office.


We made sure to get to Barola early to walk with Kusumben along her path to collect water. Although she had already left for her work that day, we walked with another woman named Sonalben who was on her way to get water. Along this walk, we observed and spoke with Sonalben and several other women and girls who were walking as well; it was just one of several trips they make in the morning. The conversations and observations made during this trip proved to be incredibly valuable to our team in solidifying our knowledge of the water collection process for Mota faliya. Keny was also able to record video and Gautham took many photos which we know our team will use for a long time to come!

IMG_5374.JPGThis photo shows a few girls transporting their water in Mota faliya


After this visit we went back to the office in order to continue New Tech design work based on the information we had gathered from our Barola visit. Around lunch time we had a planning meeting with Vidhi, Devna, and Maitreyee from the Setco office in order to ensure we are ready for communication with the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.


We completed more New Tech work after that, finished our day, and headed back home. Since it was a weekend night for us with no work on Sunday, we thought it would be fun to go to a mall so we headed to Inorbit Mall in Vadodara! The mall looked very similar to our malls back at home in the United States and of course we headed to the first restaurant in our sight: McDonald’s! We enjoyed yummy veggie sandwiches, seasoned fries, and the best Coke that I have ever drank. Although our stomachs weren’t very happy with us, the food tasted great and we walked around the mall after that. During our walk, we humorously had to dodge a mini train driving children around the place as it sped through the mall hallways (we were frightened to say the least!). We then grabbed some dessert at Burger King (why don’t American Burger King’s have delicious Magnum ice cream bars??) and headed home.

IMG_9533.jpgA photo of us eagerly awaiting our McDonald’s

980x-2.gifA perfect depiction of our joy while eating our yummy Burger King ice cream


It was a great day filled with work and play and we excitedly awaited our Sunday activities!


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