Day 7: Gettysburg vs Laxmi Vilas Palace

Hey everyone, Nisha here! For our first rest day of the trip I woke up to Keny and Colby, gently reminding me that I had been asleep for 12 hours and may want to consider beginning my day. We started off with Upma, a cream of wheat porridge, and a chai for me.

Wanting to see more of the city, we decided to take a field trip to the Laxmi Vilas Palace, home of Baroda’s royal family. We crammed into an Uber, excited to see an unexplored part of Baroda.

Image result for gettysburg the officeUs on the way to the palace

The palace grounds were gorgeous; we were able to explore everything from the armoury, to a ballroom,swords, to the gardens and what appeared to be a golf course. Luckily, one of the guides precisely directed us to all of the key spots where we could take selfies to commemorate our visits and insisted on taking a photo for us. We wrapped up our visit in a small cafe area near a fountain, cooling down with Pepsi, Miranda, samosas, and what Gautham argued was a quiche. Meanwhile, we befriended another tourist who shared our confusion over the strict regulations the palace had over photography inside the building. As we waited for our Uber back to the guesthouse, I felt secure as Keny stood fearlessly in front of us, threatening to fend off any stray dogs that may be bold enough to approach our group…luckily no such showdown occurred.

IMG_1711.JPG             IMG_1716.JPG

Once we were back home at the guesthouse, Sanjay treated us to an incredible dinner of khichdi, a rice and lentils dish, bowl. Even though we openly discussed being full, we decided to make an ice cream run to a shop near the guesthouse, grabbing several strawberry and chocolate ice creams. But Keny and I truly stumbled upon the holy grail when we discovered that they sold cardamom Shrikhand, an extremely rich strained yogurt dessert…we could both only eat one bite but it was worth it.

Overall, this was a great way to spend our weekend and a much needed break from a busy week. Looking forward to starting week 2!



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