Day 9: Traders by Trade

What’s up everyone, it’s Gautham here! We started our day with a great breakfast of omelettes and toast (filled with chilis!) prepared by Sanjay before we headed to the office.

We had a very busy day planned for material sourcing in Kalol and Halol, two major cities neighboring the office. The goal of the trip was to see what resources are available, and their potential prices, for our new technology prototypes. We walked through several markets, stopping at various stores in both communities to ask about sizes, materials, and prices.  It was very interesting to walk through the Halol market and see many vendors selling extremely fresh fruits and vegetables…but unfortunately didn’t end up tasting any of the fresh mangoes or sugar cane juice that we passed. This reminded me of an episode in “The Office” in which they have a garage sale and trade their novelty objects. Luckily, today we did not have to do any bartering!  


Fresh Fruit from the Halol Market










After we came back to the office we were completely exhausted from the heat, so we debriefed our visit and then headed to lunch. We spent the afternoon continuing to brainstorm prototypes, incorporating the materials that we found, such as khatlo (woven bed) and PVC, into the new designs. We ended our day in the office with another presentation to Setco’s factory workers about our chulha design. Megha ran the presentation to a smaller audience and was able to get a lot of interest in the new design.

We headed back home for the day and took some well needed rest.  Caroline likes to lay in the AC in a position she calls “starfish” to soak up the optimal amount of cool air.  Meanwhile, Sanjay prepared a delicious meal of rice, dhaar (lentils), mixed vegetable subji, and papad (fried rice wafer). We spent the rest of the day just chilling in the house and watched an excellent Bollywood movie, “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”, By 10 PM we were all fast asleep ready for the next day!

Picture of our team: Nisha, Keny, Gautham, Caroline, Colby

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