Day 10: I’m a Dog Person.

Hey everyone, Caroline here! We started the day off with maggi noodles (imagine ramen noodles, but for breakfast).  We had a sleepy morning at the house with a 7AM wake up. The team seems to get hit by waves of exhaustion. I like to think it’s because we’re working super hard, but the extreme heat may be contributing as well.

Upon arriving at the Setco office, we briefly discussed the day ahead and headed out to community.  First, we met with Chatrasinbhai to check on the toilet that was built in 2015. In the house next door, Sumitraben greeted us with a friendly wave, so we headed over to chat and plan when we would build a stove with her (update: stove build is tomorrow yay!). Gautham was even lucky enough to receive an offer of cooking lessons from the stove and culinary expert herself, Sumitraben.

Nisha pictured with the toilet

At this point in the day, it was midmorning, the weather felt nice, and I was feeling pretty good.  The team even had the energy to visit another community, Jetpur. Colby, Keny and I hopped out the car to find some stove beneficiaries but little did we know what we would find…. Colby was taking diligent notes while Keny and I chatted with a Jetpur Aganwadi worker and all of a sudden we heard a huge bang that made me practically jump into Keny’s arms. Next thing I saw was a giant monkey on the ground who had jumped from the roof of a nearby home that was essentially mocking the look of horror on my face. It had never occurred to me that I would be afraid of a “cute” little monkey, but never say never I suppose!

This is how the monkey looked at me.

Thankfully, we returned to the office unscathed by the monkeys. (For safety purposes, I want to reiterate that we were never in danger and I just have a vivid imagination.)  After a delicious lunch, we reviewed all we had accomplished during the day and then Nisha, Keny and I packed up to visit Barola. We continued our data collection work for stoves while Keny got distracted by baby chicks.  Despite the eventful day for the team filled with “exciting” wildlife, I still believe dogs are the best.


We headed out an hour early in order to have a conference call with New Tech members back home to update them on our progress. Sanjay prepared us a lovely dinner of daal, rice, cabbage, and potatoes subji.  The team settled down for the night with books and movies and fell fast asleep, ready for the next day!


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