Day 11: Fun Run from Barola to Alindra

Hi everyone, Keny here again! We started the day off bright n’ early in order to go on a walk to the water source with a member of our partner family, Ramilaben. We quickly ate the warm batata poha that Sanjay made us for breakfast. At 6:45 AM, extremely tired, we were on our way to Barola to meet Ramilaben. Vipulbhai and Megha, two Setco Foundation employees, was kind enough to join us on the walk.

During the walk, Nisha asked Ramilaben and Janki, Ramilaben’s 13-year-old neighbor who collects water with her, questions while I filmed the terrain and the path. Colby, Caroline, and Gautham made detailed notes and documented observations throughout the walk. It was awesome to spend more time with Ramilaben and her speed was similar to that of Michael in “The Office” episode when everyone runs the 5K! After the walk the team headed back to the office to speak with Rajeshbhai and the R&D team regarding validation for our stoves project.

Michael running.jpg

An accurate depiction of how quickly Ramilaben was walking down the water path

Team photo with Ramilaben and Janki.JPG

The team with Ramilaben and Janki

A few hours later, our team headed to Dolatpura to meet with Sumitraben to build a stove with our new stencil. It was a wonderful experience to work with Caroline, who is also our incoming Stoves Sub-Team Lead, to build a stove and witness how effortlessly Sumitraben builds the stoves. While Caroline and I were constructing the stove, Colby and Gautham were taking notes and Nisha was taking photos. After successfully building the stove, we were excited to head back to the office for a break and lunch.

DSC_0555.JPG             DSC_0577.JPG

The Office.jpg

Our faces after  building the stove

After lunch, we all really wanted a siesta, so we took a short break and then continued our work. The team began brainstorming questions to ask our new technology community partners regarding features of the prototypes that we have been developing over the past week. Overall, we had an extremely productive day at the office as we ended it by attending another stoves workshop with Setco Automotive factory workers. After that, we headed home after a great day of work and Gautham got a 90 rupee haircut after dinner!



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