Day 12: A Benihana-ish Dinner

Hi everyone, it’s Colby! We started off our Thursday morning with pooda, a delicious, savory Indian pancake that we all loved, courtesy of Sanjay. We then drove to the office to begin our morning of work and immediately began typing up notes, importing photos, and writing our blog post for the previous day. We had a busy morning of office work until we went to the canteen for lunch at 1PM.


After lunch, we quickly gathered our materials and headed to Barola in order to hopefully speak with Ramilaben and Kusumben and interact with more community members in each faliya. Although Ramilaben wasn’t home, we walked through Nishal faliya where she lives and were able to interact with many lovely people there including Kokilaben, a recently trained stove builder, and a few other women who all remarked that we looked a bit red from the heat (which was definitely accurate!).



Jasudaben, one of the women in Nishal faliya, washing rice


Once we finished our great conversations in Nishal faliya, we headed to Mota faliya. Unfortunately our partner Kusumben was tired from her work in the fields for the day, so we decided to come back and see her on a later date. We continued walking through Mota faliya and met with Lilaben, one of the primary stove builders in Barola, and Manjulaben whom we had met earlier in the trip. We had a great conversation with both of them and then decided to head back to the office in order to escape the heat.


Once back at the office, we attended another Setco factory employee stoves presentation and then headed home for the day. During the car ride home, we had a fun time listening to a bunch of old songs from our middle school days (i.e. “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore). We then got ready and went out to dinner at a delicious Asian restaurant called Kai Asia in another part of Vadodara. There we had a lovely dinner filled with udon, dumplings, massaman coconut curry, and nice vegetables, a dinner that could not help but remind us of the “Benihana Christmas” episode of “The Office” except a bit less awkward!


The girls looking cute before Kai Asia.JPG

The BLIP girls ready for dinner on Thursday night!

d5c0d758b4aad198706a9763ec63dfd032e01b5f.jpgThe boys of “The Office” having almost as great of a time as us at their Benihana dinner


After that we all relaxed in the guesthouse and dozed off to sleep after a productive day.


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